[Cold ears]_cold ears_how to do_how to do

[Cold ears]_cold ears_how to do_how to do

The cold ears are actually black fungus and tremella are a kind of cold diet. However, if you want to make these cold foods more refreshing, you must use all kinds of condiments and seasonings correctly. Friends who like to eat pepper can use more.Some peppers.

Method 1 Ingredients: 125 grams of black fungus, 125 grams of white fungus, 2 grams of refined salt, 2 grams of MSG, 5 grams of sugar, 15 sesame oil, and 0 pepper powder.

3 grams.

Method: (1) Wash the black hair fungus and the white fungus, rinse them in boiling water and immediately remove them. After cooling, drain and place on a plate.

(2) Take 1 plate, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, pepper and a small amount of cold water, mix well and pour into black fungus plate and mix well.

Features: clear black and white, soft and crisp, nourishing yin and lungs.

Method 2: Ingredients: black fungus, white fungus, carrot, coriander, sunkist lemon, sesame oil, sugar, salt, garlic.

Practices: 1. Put the black and white fungus in boiling water after soaking, immediately remove it for about 1 minute, and soak it in ice water; 2. Squeeze the lemon with a hand, first use a tool to scrape an appropriate amount of lemon peel, Squeeze another half of lemon juice; 3, take an appropriate amount of sesame oil, sugar, salt, chicken essence, coriander, lemon juice blended into delicious; 4, black and white fungus remove ear roots and tear into small pieces, fully drain water, add an appropriate amount of corianderCarrot shreds, lemon zest shreds and mint, stir well and serve.

Cooking skills Black fungus and white fungus should be separated from the water. (There are small fungus sold in the supermarket, there is no root, and the meat is thicker.) Black fungus should be simmered for a while.

The seasoning can be freely prepared according to each taste. I prefer the hot and sour taste. Ha ha, I am used to eating!

As the foodie said, it’s hot.