Dehumidification is just a part of the body

Dehumidification is just a part of the body

Dehumidification and weight loss is just a clever part of the body. The researcher who shared it for everyone today because the practice of Taiji pile work completely reduced the fat, but also eliminates the moisture in addition to the body.

The practice of practicing Taiji piles is to strengthen the body and play a role in conditioning women.

I am a 160-pound fat man and I want to have a child. I am over 30 years old. I am very anxious. Coupled with the pressure from my family, I can’t see many Chinese medicine practitioners. It’s all started from phlegm, but once I’m wet, I’m conscious.It takes 3 months and 3 months to go to the Chinese medicine for 3 months, which is a delay in the preparation of pregnancy.

When I almost broke down and gave up, it was a coincidence that I saw a few brothers who were practicing Tai Chi in the park. I was very fascinated. When I was sitting in a chair and admiring the trick they made, one of the brothers told me.You still have to practice this body, don’t eat Chinese medicine, I am dubious, first try a class for free.

The practice of practicing Taiji Pegs on the legs is very high, and the effect of contracting the stovepipe is often practiced. The waist movement in the Taiji Pit can eliminate the liver fire.

The teacher taught me to stand up, bend the legs, stand in the middle of the body, smile with a smile, but it is really difficult to stick, and it is difficult to smile, because I am bending my leg a lot of curvature, the thighs start to tilt,Only after a while, the legs and alignment couldn’t stand it, but after getting up and doing a relaxing exercise, I felt that my legs and legs were very relaxed, and then I learned the “吼” action.

The trachea continues to cough and has been paralyzed. There is a feeling of blockage on it. I personally understand that this kind of dampness is difficult to cough without this exercise.

Because this is my body to treat myself, it is the unexpected effect that others give you massage, medicine can not reach, and pure green, this feeling makes me very like to stand, every time I go to the practice site, I alwaysIt is the pole that can quickly find me. In fact, the extreme of this Tai Chi is really what the body itself tells.

There are many benefits to practicing Taiji Piling. The cultivation of Taijiquan is insatiable. In the long run, it can not only strengthen the body, but also achieve the effect of prolonging life.

Slowly begin to fracture through the body, from the thigh to the calf to the foot, and then from the foot to the ground, like the foot is tied, the feet are very numb, very hot, the body fire, especially the liver fireSo I ran off my feet?

The station pile counts its own heartbeat 108, each time it is counting to 108.

There is always a change in my body. Once I was deeply impressed by the coldness of the part, it was very magical. It was a massage, and the sauna could not be chilled out.

Station piles for the next few days, until there is no practice, I feel that the trachea is always flawed, all yellow sticky, think about it, these should be the root cause?

Until October, I felt that my chest was louder and I felt that my chest was much clearer.

Next, the other station’s pile diameter, turbid, from the belly, sleeves, buttocks, back every time it will be very itchy and want to scratch, asked the master said that the body is heavy, the body has been righteousMoved out, and tried to exclude these moisture (dissidents).

My moisture can’t stay in my body. After a strong itching, the belly, armpits, buttocks, backs are very red, and there is a feeling of retracting. I use a tape measure once.The weight did not change significantly, but the circumference was small and my body was shrinking.

Some of the next exercises are some basic tipping tips – this is a good practice method for excluding stools. I tried it all the time. It looks like 151 Xiao Hu once ran to the toilet after practicing on the toes, then my littleA small circle is obvious.

I hope that the next move will give my body a deeper understanding. I like this feeling and I am very obsessed.

Taijiquan weight loss science based on 1 practice Taijiquan slimming to lose weight, improve respiratory function, so that the human body slightly increased, muscle strength weakened, become the heart and burden of too many people.

2 practicing Tai Chi exercise is the fact that most people recognize it.

However, Tai Chi exercise can lose weight, and it can enhance physical fitness. At the same time, it also lowers fat and loses weight, so that the orange peel meat on the body disappears.

3 Obese people generally have less physical activity and are not flexible.

The muscles of the legs have no strength. After practicing through Tai Chi, they can increase the strength of the legs, thus strengthening the strength of the body.

4 Tai Chi exercise can lose weight, because Tai Chi activities do not lose weight, can exercise for a long time, using deep and slow abdominal breathing.

5 Taijiquan is under aerobic conditions, and there is no oxygen deficiency in the body during exercise. Taijiquan just caters to the characteristics of continuous slow motion.