Decompression coup: a nostril out

Decompression coup: a nostril out

Do you have such an experience? There are so many things to do, things seem to never be done, doing this thing, thinking about it; chores think of trouble, both filial mother and daddyDaughter-in-law, raising children; helping a friend find a job today, and solving problems for that friend tomorrow. These seemingly dull lives are commonplace. If there are some conflicts, there are some deviations, then work, family, interpersonalThe pressure is like a big stone pressing on the chest, people can’t breathe.

  Living in today’s society, who can have no pressure?

If we are sensitive to pressure, we can find a suitable way to decompress when we are aware of the “wind and wind”, then the pressure may be changed from a stumbling block on the road of life to your continuous booster.

But if a person can’t release it for a long time, it may cause psychological breakdown.

Maybe, you will say that you are too busy to decompress.

Then you are wrong. In fact, decompression is not necessarily a big project that takes a lot of time.

Breathing, this instinct that we don’t know how many times we do every day, is the simplest and most effective way to decompress people. This kind of decompression is especially suitable for busy people.

  In the work gap, the body leans back on the back of the chair, how come it feels comfortable.

Close your eyes, use your right index finger and middle finger to hold your forehead, put your thumb on the right nostril, inhale with the left nostril, and then use your right ring finger to block the left nostril, release the thumb on the right nostril, and vent with the right nostril.
After that, inhale with the right nostril, then plug the right nostril with your thumb, while the ring finger is released and the left nostril exhales.

So many times, every time I exhale, I meditate in my heart, “My troubles and pressures have been driven away.”

In addition, there is a respiratory decompression method that controls respiratory decompression.

Still close your eyes and choose the most comfortable position.

When you take a deep breath with your nose, count to 3 in your heart, then hold your breath for 1 second, then slowly exhale with your mouth, and exhale for 5 hours to completely exhaust the exhaust.

This is repeated many times.

  If you feel the stress of the recent week is tense, things happen, and you are upset and do not hinder the use of the work gap to try this method.

If you have the conditions, you can also do it with soothing music.

In a breath, your frowning brows gradually loosen.