How should a white-collar lunch be healthy?

How should a white-collar lunch be healthy?

Nutrition experts warn that working lunches do hide more health risks than family dinners: “The short-term external imbalance leads to uneven nutrition, resulting in various sub-health problems such as fatigue, lack of concentration, memory loss, and even development into obesity.Anemia, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc.

If you want to be healthy, you can’t just ‘handle’ the past.

In addition to detailed advice on various dining modes, experts also select: the most important time to eat at the right time.

Usually 11:00 every day?
It is a normal mealtime between 13:00.

However, lunch must be taken at the same time every day at noon to adapt to the normal functioning of the physiology.

Fruit snacks when lunch is not healthy “I only eat breakfast and dinner now, basically free at noon, saving money and losing weight.

And the surrounding fast food is really tired, and may not be hygienic.

“Miss Li, who is working in an office building, is very satisfied with the current state: an apple, a banana, a cup of sugar-free coffee, and some nuts in the afternoon, still warm and vigorous.

Not only her, but not all of her teenage colleagues are used to lunch with fruits and snacks instead.

Therefore, this type of dieting method should not be used for a long time. If the stomach is not exercised during the day, its function will gradually deteriorate.

“Clinical findings, some women with cancer have suffered from low blood sugar, anemia and other diseases.

And if the workload in the afternoon is tight, lunch fruits and snacks are likely to remain unhealthy.

“Fruits can’t replace vegetables, snacks can’t replace staple foods.

“Vegetables are rich in supplemental fiber, which can promote bowel movements and keep the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract normal. At the same time, harmful substances can be prevented from being retained and absorbed, which can effectively prevent constipation.

The staple food can provide a transformation that is not available in snacks, and the snacks are mostly packaged products, additive derivatives, when the meal is very unhealthy.