The elderly should pay attention to careful health care

The elderly should pay attention to “careful” health care

With the increasing number of health care methods and health care products, especially the elderly pay more attention to health, but it is also easier to enter the misunderstanding of health.
In fact, for the elderly, health care should pay attention to a “cautious” word.
  Be careful.
As the saying goes, more than a good thing will be ill, and you can avoid disasters.
The elderly have weak spleen and stomach, poor digestion ability, and they are more likely to eat stomach, full of stagnation, and build up heat for a long time, which will lead to consumption of yin and yin.
For the elderly to eat, it is necessary to grasp the time. It is best to start eating when you are a little hungry. The eating time should be fixed.
In addition, the diet should be guaranteed for 20 minutes, eat more cold salad and coarse grains.
  Caution medicine.
Due to the detoxification of the liver and the detoxification function of the kidneys, the drugs should be used as little as possible in addition to the urgent need of the disease, and it is not suitable for mixed drugs.
You should not take antibiotics immediately if you don’t catch a cold. You should not go to the infusion regularly to prevent drug resistance.
It is a three-point drug, and the same is true for Chinese medicine.
For some tonics, such as ginseng, velvet antler should also be eaten under the guidance of a doctor.
  Be cautious.
The enemy of the health of the elderly is that the mood is too excited.
Especially for the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, don’t be overly excited.
Excessive excitement often causes the heartbeat to accelerate, the blood pressure rises, and it is more likely to cause a stroke or myocardial infarction.
Old people should raise their life and mentality, and go for outdoor walks to increase the fun of the old people.