Chicken makes weight loss women open

Chicken makes weight loss women open

For many female friends, slimming seems to have become an eternal topic in life.

Thinner, thinner, whoever makes his body so far away from the “devil”!

So desperately exercise, desperately dieting, desperately declare war on meat.

Because the meat contains more feces and conversions than vegetables and fruits.

Therefore, most women who lose weight have to become quasi-vegans of “meat” discoloration.

When faced with a full table of food, but only when the chopsticks are extended to the vegetables, weight loss has become a torture.

  Can’t you find a perfect solution that can both slim down and not be vegetarian?

There is no difficulty in the world, we finally found that the ordinary chicken can make the life-stricken woman who is losing weight all the time to lose weight and eat, and good things become double!

  Compared with pork, beef and other meats, chicken meat has the characteristics of low fat and low heat, and the meat is more refreshing and tender.

Using any cooking method, it can produce delicious food with a variety of accessories, and it is rich in nutrients. It can be called the first choice for dieters to take animal protein.

  While “荤” eat and lose weight, this discovery has to let many women steal music!

  The three major misunderstandings of chicken weight loss: According to statistics, 100 grams of beef is 310 kcal, pork is 307 kcal, lamb is 176 kcal, duck is 183 kcal, and chicken is 134 kcal.

It can be seen that chicken is very suitable for the slimming people who love beauty.

But it must be noted that eating chicken can lose weight is not correct under any circumstances, we must first figure out the obvious mistakes!


The chicken fried in high temperature with butter is extremely high, and you can never lose weight and will gain weight.


Chicken breast is the lowest conversion and trace content in the whole chicken.


Chicken must be removed from the chicken skin and visible fecal oil to become a real diet food.

  Large exposure to chicken nutrients (per 100 grams): transfer (card) 104 protein (grams) 22.

4 姨 (g) 0.

9 saccharides (g) 0 cholesterol (mg) 57 vitamin A (mg) 9 vitamin B1 (mg) 0.

13 vitamin B2 (mg) 0.

08 vitamin c (mg) 2.

4 calcium (mg) 1 phosphorus (mg) 179 iron (mg) 0.

8 nanometers (mg) 94.