World Championship Ding Junhui suffered from the impact of unfair electrostatic suspension in a round of repeated games_1

Ding Junhui in the World Championships suffered from the impact of an unfair electrostatic suspension during a round of repeated games
The biggest upset in the World Championships, the world’s second-ranked Chinese player Ding Junhui lost the game to Mike Wesley and stopped the first round.The match between the two was originally scheduled to end on the afternoon of the 22nd, British time. Due to the restrictions on live TV scheduling, Ding Junhui suspended the game when he took the lead at 9-8. After the match between Selby and White was launched in the evening, the twoPut on again.Wesley, the teenager, went to the two cities in a row, reversing 10-9.Ding Junhui was annoyed by his mistakes. Although he lost the game, Ding Junhui rationally analyzed the reason: “Generally speaking, the bank of the table is more difficult to control, and then there is still a lot of static electricity.Because everyone knows that I play more meticulously, I often use Kubian. There are very few two-court balls. Because Kubian is relatively flicking, the ball is not in place, which directly affects my continuous becoming and giving him.The pressure will be much lower.”In the second stage, I got a 9-8 lead and was forced to suspend the match when I got the first match point. Ding Junhui thought that it was not affected too much: “In fact, it’s the same, I think I played better at night than in the afternoon, myselfPlay more attractive.I think I should continue to play. The last two sets may not be fair to me, because he may lose a key set and feel worse.”O’Sullivan once said that many players participated in many games and then came to Sheffield, they were very tired.Will Ding Junhui play selectively like the Rockets next season?”That’s difficult to do because the other top 16 players will all participate.If they go to fight, I will definitely fight.My age is in the ascending stage, when I have not reached the best experience, playing games and handling the ball is not mature enough.O’Sullivan has already won the championship, so he doesn’t care. If I do, I don’t care anymore. I can also choose to participate.It’s like Hengdeli would be happy if he came to the World Championship next year.For our younger generation, it is what we need to do to keep playing and growing.”Tie Henderley’s 13-year record and complete the five-time championship in a single season. No one will deny Ding Junhui’s outstanding performance in the 2013-14 season even if he lost in the first round of the World Championships.Fort.In the 2014-15 season, we continue to look forward to Ding Junhui’s performance.( Xie Lidong Sheffield live report)