Please bravely say love

Please bravely say love

Love, do you know how to say it?

Speaking of this problem, some people seem to say: What do you know, and there is nothing difficult!

I am coming to ask you a question to see how you answered: You said to your parents: I love you?

Have you told your brothers and sisters that you love them?

Do you often say to your children: “I love you.”

I think it may be that I forgot to express it in the language, but I know that your heart is loving them, and it is very love.

  To say that love is not a patent of love, the love of father and son, the love of mother and daughter, the love of brothers and sisters is also love, and is an indispensable love in our lives.

But our current people only pay attention to the love of love, forget the other love.

In fact, I also know that I have not forgotten it, but in those who fall in love with modern people, I will not express it. I don’t know how to do it.

  Our people who face their loved ones will not say that they have countless “loves”, but in the face of our loved ones will become so “tweaked” and rarely say this word.

Some people say: It doesn’t matter if you say it, as long as you do it, you will know that you love them.

I am recognized for this point of view, but I also ask you, will you really be so thoughtful to do the actions that make your family feel loved by them?

Is there such a person?

Yes, but it’s really not a lot.

  In the present era, unless you live with a parent under a roof, once there is a certain distance, it is not that our children are not filial, but the responsibility of society and the pressure of life are really impossible to go to the real place.When you are together, you care and take care of your loved ones. Even if we live together, we may be slower because our modern people are too tired.

So why don’t we give our loved ones a warm love?

  Nowadays people not only say this love word with few relatives other than our lover, but also seldom say it is suitable for their lover. In people’s minds, this is a superfluous thing.

I can say this to you, you are wrong.

There are a lot of seemingly superfluous things in life, and there are often many unexpected effects in your life.

Emotions (including family, love) are for us to operate, not to say that the inherent emotions do not need to be cared for, and the family is also to be cared for, but also to let us go to true love.

  Some people say that I am not embarrassed to say that my relatives, some parents, brothers and sisters can’t say it, or that they feel that I am sick.

In some families, I know that this will be the case, because the family environment is not the same, and the education is not the same.

  But I feel that if your love doesn’t come up, you will be directly aligned. Something you will say: The son loves his mother.

My brother loves his sister to buy the best gift for you!

This will not be very blunt, but will make your loved ones feel your love even in your heart, still on your face, they will double your love.

  It is also possible that your parents will not say this word of love, but you have to say it because they want you to say it because they are old, and they will like you to love them when they are old.

  Friend: Tell your loved ones about your love, your loved ones will know more and get your true love, you will be more warm.