The most classic color, delicious it, the novice on the road

The most classic color, delicious it, the novice on the road

Speaking of cooking, the first course of cooking is mostly tomato scrambled eggs, tomato scrambled eggs are easy to do, tomato scrambled eggs are also good-looking in color matching, red and yellow are sprinkled with green onion and look good and delicious.

Although China is not the country of origin of tomatoes, tomatoes are very popular in China.

Tomato is its alias. Its written language is called tomato. It also has a name called stinky persimmon. I don’t know how it came. It is not stinking at all. This name may be the local name of the place.

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients. They can be eaten as vegetables and eaten as fruits. It is called fruit in vegetables.

Tomatoes used to quench their thirst in summer can be compared with watermelon. Of course, it is better to put ice in the water before eating. Compared with the content of vitamin C in watermelon, the tomato is about 10 times.

Because tomatoes contain organic acids, the vitamin C contained in cooking and storage is not easily destroyed, and its absorption and utilization rate is high.

Eat tomatoes often play a role in the treatment of scurvy, and promote wound healing. Eat more tomatoes can also be beauty, do not know if it is true, if it is true, you can eat more.

Tomato is a kind of plant that likes light and is more humid, and its environmental requirements are still relatively high.

To grow a tomato, you should make some adjustments to the environment, such as light and moisture. It should be adjusted according to your surrounding environment. In some places, the sun has more sunshine, and when the water evaporates, we will be more diversified.

Before we start planting tomatoes, we must loosen the weeds first, and the loose soil is to let the tomato seedlings breathe well in the soil, so that we can start.

Planting tomato seedlings in the soil, the seedlings should be buried deep in the soil, and some of the lower leaves are buried in the soil. It does not matter. It will grow new roots from the stems to promote the development of the plants.After about a few minutes, it is time to start watering. At this time, you can pour a little more.

Here, the seedlings are selected instead of the seeds because the seedlings are easy to survive and the seedlings can be saved. The germination rate of the seeds is also uncontrollable, and the seedlings are also troublesome.

When transplanting tomato seedlings, we generally choose to spend the morning or afternoon close to the evening, so that the survival rate of the seedlings is higher. During the growth of the tomato seedlings, the branches growing from the middle of the leaves and stems, we want toThe removal is called pruning, in order to let it absorb the nutrient comparison set, so that the fruit grows bigger and better.

If there are more branches, then the nutrition will be more dispersed, and the grown fruit will not grow too big and not so delicious.

Branches on the roots can be played late, it can protect the roots, others can be played early.

When the tomatoes grow for a certain period of time, they must be tipped. When the length is about 80 cm, the head on the trunk needs to be smashed. This is to prevent the tomato seedlings from growing too densely.

We have to fertilize the tomato during its growth. Now there is a liquid fertilizer that is a nutrient solution. We can add nutrient solution to the water, which can be sprayed directly on the plant or on the soil.

Tomatoes like to dry some environment. If you want to grow well, you have some restrictions on watering. You can’t pour it every day, it will drown.

Some of the leaves are snoring or a little faded. This can be watered at this time.

Sometimes the soil on the surface looks very dry, but the soil at the roots is still moist. At this time, we can use a small wooden stick to rub into the soil. Pull out to see if the soil on the head is wet. If it is wet, we will notPouring, if it is dry, I will water it.

Good sunlight and ventilation can prevent pests and diseases. We also weed it during the growth process. Weeding is to prevent the grass from robbing the tomatoes, and the grass grows taller. You can’t see the tomatoes cooked.

We also have to look regularly for the presence of long worms, mainly the head of the stalk. The plants are prone to long mites, and the length is one piece. At this time, it is necessary to buy pesticides. Although the pesticides are not good, this is impossible for humans to make.
You can’t spray water directly when you are spraying pesticides. You should know this.

Pesticide is not easy to use too much amount, mainly depends on the number of live insects.

Because this is our own food, so we did not fight those ripening drugs, it is not the same time.

It seems that the complexity is actually very simple.