[Baby can eat salt and oil every month]_Recommended diet

[Baby can eat salt and oil every month]_Recommended diet

The diet of infants and young children is very important. A good diet can promote the growth and development of children, promote bone development, and promote the development of the baby’s nerves and brain tissues. Therefore, diet is very important. As a parent, you should understand some of this content, Then the baby can eat salt and oil every month?

Let’s take a look at this content.

Baby should not eat salt within one year of age, because at this time the child mainly obtains some salt through breast milk. After the baby is one year old, you can add a little salt to the supplementary food, of course, not too much, wait for the baby to reach 1By the age of 3, some salty foods should be strictly controlled, and foods that are too salty should not be eaten.

When the child is less than six months old, he has not eaten complementary foods at this time. The nutrition is mainly obtained from breast milk and formula. At this time, he cannot eat some cooking oil. After the child has passed six months, this time graduallyI started to eat some complementary foods. It is also possible to add some fats to the complementary foods, of course, you must put less.

When the baby is 1 to 3 years old, some foods are basically edible at this time, you can eat some vegetables or meat for the baby, you can gradually add a little cooking oil.

For babies, the fatty acid intake required by the body is very important during the growing period, which will directly lead to whether the child is developing well and whether his intelligence is developing well. For the baby, it is also necessary to choose oil products.Improving attention, it is best to choose sesame oil or olive oil. Some oil products not only provide recommended nutrition and transformation, but are also rich in high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, which is very important for brain development.effect.