Six major misunderstandings of vegetable nutrition

Six major misunderstandings of vegetable nutrition

Eating vegetables every day, but eating vegetables also has a lot of bad habits.

Here are the six major misunderstandings of vegetable nutrition. For the number, look at the places you need to pay attention to.

  Myth 1: Raw vegetables are not washed.

Nowadays, vegetable pollution is getting more and more serious, and various pesticides and bacteria are left in the residue. Therefore, it is best to wash and peel the raw vegetables.

  Misunderstanding 2: Small fire cooking.

Vitamin C, B1 are afraid of heat.

Therefore, when cooking, avoid using a small fire, you should use the fire.

Again, add some vinegar.

Also beneficial to the preservation of vitamins.

Some vegetables are easier to drink in cool, some tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

  Misunderstanding 3: The dish is not ready to eat immediately.

Many people like to cook the food and put it in a pot or put it in a thermos bucket.

This will also lose a lot of nutrients.

  Myth 4: Eat no vegetables.

When cooking, a lot of nutrients in the vegetables are dissolved in the soup.

It’s a pity not to drink.

  Myth 5: Drop the most vitamins.

Some of the habitual vegetable processing methods also affect the nutrient content of vegetables.

For example, some people throw the watercress in order to eat the sprouts of the bean sprouts. In fact, the vitamin C content of the watercress is 2-3 times more than the bean sprouts.

Another example is that when the dumplings are stuffed, the juice is squeezed out and the vitamins are lost by more than 70%.

The correct way is to mix the vegetables and mix well with oil. Add salt and seasoning. This way, the method of oil-baked vegetables, the dumplings are not so much soup.

  Misunderstanding 6: prefer to eat cooking.

Many people who lose weight believe that fried meat can reduce the intake of adults. In fact, vegetables are more likely to absorb oil.