Acupuncture and beauty points mainly include some acupuncture and beauty considerations

Acupuncture and beauty points mainly include some acupuncture and beauty considerations

Acupuncture and beauty points are acupuncture points. Because the biggest feature of acupuncture and beauty is the whole body adjustment, it must be combined with the whole body acupoints to have better curative effect.

Local acupoints can activate the circulation, improve the circulation, promote the metabolism of epidermal cells to eliminate spots, plaque defects, and enhance muscle elasticity. The whole body acupoints focus on balancing the organs and regulating the functions of each system to achieve the purpose of beauty.

Single-point and group points: clinically confirmed to use a single point, or use a few acupuncture points for a group. If you enhance some aspects of function, you can use a single point to highlight its utility; and adjust the overall function, choose oneSet acupuncture points to enhance the effect.

Near acupoints and acupoints: Near acupoints, that is, acupoints at the beginning, refer to the method of acupoint replacement with a part of the skin to improve the skin.

The distal acupoint refers to the method of picking up the acupoints away from the face, which can not only supplement the local protrusions, but also implant the damage of the tissues and organs and organs of the distant parts involved in the circulation, and some even affect the whole body.effect.
Use the needle to lead the beauty care, the needle should be gentle, the stimulation intensity should be moderate, not too strong.

Usually, the needle should not be used for too long, the needle can be released after the gas is obtained, and the depth of the acupuncture should also be suitable for the person. For the elderly and the body, the needle should not be too deep; if the body is too much, the needle can be properly stabbed.

Women’s menstrual period can be treated with acupuncture and moxibustion. Due to the discharge of a large amount of menstrual blood during the menstrual period, the viscera and blood vessels of the meridians are relatively insufficient, the adaptability to the external environment is reduced, and the resistance to external stimuli is weakened.

The comprehensive feeling of acupuncture, such as hemp, swelling, acid, weight, pain, and wandering, makes them difficult to adapt, which causes mental stress, emotional instability, breaking the internal balance and normal law of menstrual physiological phenomena, leading to menstrual disorders.

Therefore, whether acupuncture can be dialectical analysis.

Chinese medicine experts said that menstrual acupuncture must pay attention to choice, if the body disease is not very painful, do not do acupuncture treatment first, then acupuncture in the past menstruation, if it is a very painful disease, the professional doctor specifies whether acupuncture, if possible, acupuncture.

Acupuncture and moxibustion does not hurt people’s health awareness, acupuncture, cupping, etc. as a medical treatment for Chinese medicine prevention and health care, is getting popular with people.

However, many people are afraid that the needle is very painful. In fact, there is a lot of pain in the needle. This has a lot to do with the doctor’s technique and technique.

Chinese medicine experts say that if the needle is used properly, the pain will be very weak.

Therefore, the choice of distance Chinese medicine acupuncture clinical treatment mechanism is very important for patients, acupuncture adjustment function is more in line with physiological laws. Acupuncture has the functions of strengthening the righteousness, clearing the meridians and coordinating yin and yang. The most basic function is to adjust, by adjusting the imbalance of the human body.Function to treat diseases.

Although there is no need to use medicine, by mobilizing the potential of the human body’s own “natural medicine storehouse”, acupuncture points can induce a drug-like process in the body, which can correct abnormal functions without disturbing normal human functions, so for interventionHealth, the skull disorder, is the advantage of acupuncture, it plays a more physiological role than the drug in the transformation of regulating function.

At the cutting edge, acupuncture can also be supplemented, and it does not interfere with drugs, and it will never cause toxic side effects. It can be administered all year round.

It is completely a green Chinese medicine cream, which can be called “acupuncture cream”.