I don’t have a soup, I give you a good price-performance soup shop.

I don’t have a soup, I give you a good price-performance soup shop.

Recently, a friend recommended this soup to me – a soup shop focused on coconut shell stew.

Looked at his menu, the old radish soup, stone olive soup, the main material is also simple, soil pork, black chicken, ribs, etc., is said to be a coconut shell a coconut shell discharge stew for 2-3 hours.

And whether it is multi-person rehabilitation or single person can be very suitable, but also especially suitable for health people, not eating too much and nutritious.

I immediately found a time to get up – a person will come to a signature single package, 32 yuan, really is too cost-effective.

Jianpi Yiqi, old radish soil pork name soup + ancient method health 丨 spiced rice bowl + seasonal vegetables + fruit old radish soil pork soup: with the unique salty scent of old radish, so that the soup is very delicious, veryAppetizing.

Taro rice is also very fragrant.

The hoe is cut to the right size and spread on the top. The rice grains are evenly and evenly matched with mushrooms, shrimps, and peanuts.

Free to mix with a moistening and nourishing stomach, olives, pig liver, along the stomach soup + nourishing, nourishing heart, five-color miscellaneous grains box + fruit stone olive pig liver along the soup: stone olive, pig liver is a favorite soup used in southern FujianIngredients.

For the old radish, this soup is lighter.

But fortunately, his family has another small packet of salt that can be added according to their own taste.

The pig liver is still too much to put along.

Five-color multi-grain box: Bringing purple, white, yellow, orange, and green colors, it is beautiful, is there wood?

With stew, full of nutrition.

In the end, most of his soups are at the price of 26 yuan, old radish soil pork soup, old radish ribs soup, stone olive pig liver along the soup, etc., there is a little more expensive black chicken soup, abalone ribs soup.

In addition to the taro meal, there are pumpkin rice and pork ribs.

The price is really high.

The takeaway packaging sent over is also strict.