Rhizoma Imperatae incurs bloody spitting

Rhizoma Imperatae incurs bloody spitting

Traditional Chinese medicine is a general term for traditional traditional medicine.

The understanding and use of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and has a unique theoretical system and application form.

Many people will choose traditional Chinese medicine as a good prescription for preventing diseases and health, but the various pharmacological effects of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are not very clear. The editors of life will find out the knowledge of various Chinese medicine ingredients to avoid problems in daily medication.

In addition to daily health care, if possible, editors are advised to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

  〖Chinese medicine source〗: This product is contained in “Do not record.”

It is a perennial herb of the genus Imperata, Imperata cylindrica Beauv.


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It is produced in most parts of the country.

  〖Harvesting and processing〗: Harvested in spring and autumn, washed and dried.

  Remove the fibrous roots and membranous sheaths.

Cut into sections, for raw or fried charcoal.

  〖Chinese medicine specifications〗: The thick, white, sweet taste is better, with the quality produced by Guangdong Province, the uniform is not graded.

  〖Medicine traits〗: The rhizome is arranged in one piece, usually not branched, 30 long?
60 cm, diameter 2?
4 mm.

The surface is yellowish white, light brownish yellow, shiny, with longitudinal wrinkles, slightly obvious, slightly raised, and there are residual scales, roots and buds on the nodes, and the internode length is 1.

3 cm.

Light weight and toughness is not easy to break, the cross-section is fibrous, yellow-white, and there are a lot of voids in the skin, such as the shape of a wheel, which is easy to replace with the middle column. The center has a small hole, the gas is slight, and the taste is slightly sweet.

  〖Ingredients〗: This product contains scutellaria, scutellaria, serotonin, potassium, calcium and so on.

  Pharmacological action: decoction has a diuretic effect; and has a procoagulant effect.

The decoction has a mild inhibitory effect on Shigella dysenteriae, F. faecalis; and has antipyretic effect.

  〖Sexual taste return to the classics: Gan, cold.

Return to the lungs, stomach, bladder.

  〖Efficacy application〗: cooling blood to stop bleeding, heat diuretic.

Indications of bloody vomiting, hot urinary blood, fever, polydipsia, jaundice, edema, stomach heat vomiting, lung heat cough, damp heat jaundice.

  〖medicine use〗: decoction, 15?
30g, fresh products doubled, with fresh products as good, can be served with juice.

More life, stop bleeding and use charcoal.