Have you paid for the IQ tax on technology health and beauty?

Have you paid for the IQ tax on technology health and beauty?

Staying up all night and overnight are the living conditions that young people nowadays often have.

The well-recognized cup of tea is all over the apple conference, and the mask is applied to the day and night. The fate of the house is filled with Codonopsis and Astragalus. These punk regimens are very common.

However, tech editors or fans will stay up all night and the tricks will be a bit more.

This girl powder technology, we are talking about the technology products in the field of health and beauty, as well as the IQ tax that everyone has paid in those years.

The tech madman more than 500 years ago was the first to stay up all night, introducing the way of day and night invented by a technology darling more than 500 years ago.

Ordinary people rest normally, sleeping 7-8 hours in a row at night, and ordinary people staying up late at night are deprived of sleep time at night.

But this technology master sleeps 15-20 minutes every 4 hours, sleeps for only 2 hours a day, and can maintain ample energy, and then the rest of the time is artificially created and invented.

This way of dividing the complete sleep time into small pieces is a Polyphasic Sleep, also known as the Da Vinci Sleep Method.

▲ Renaissance technology madman Da Vinci said that Apple CEO Tim Cook started sending emails at 4:30, and Wang Jianlin got up at 4 o’clock every day.

Usually at 6 o’clock in the morning, I feel that I have grown a lot longer.

If you use this “Da Vinci sleep method,” it is like a day turns into a few days. I don’t know if this is Leonardo Da Vinci’s ability to light up all kinds of skill trees in the Renaissance.One of the reasons for inventors, artists, and many other titles.

▲ Da Vinci’s manuscript has been followed by many people who have studied this method of sleeping and staying up late. It is: long-term adherence to polyphasic sleep will produce symptoms similar to sleep deprivation, and it will not improve creativity at all.A supplement to basic sleep.

This is the day and night method of the mechanical madman Da Vinci more than 500 years ago, so now the technology enthusiasts will stay up all night, there will be some difference?

That is to use extreme technology products to fight fatigue and aging.

After staying up late, we turned out the friends of these technology products who were recently in Guangdong. I don’t know the Xiaomi bracelet on my wrist, Apple Watch, Huawei bracelet, whether to record your heart rate when you are opposite to the typhoon.

These wearable smart devices do indeed record our heart rate when we stay up all night.

The recently released Apple Watch 4 also supports the monitoring of “heart rate is too low” and “arrhythmia”.

However, after you stay up all night, the strained cervical vertebrae, the fat on the waist, and the loose buttocks muscles, they won’t be saved by using the bracelet to record.

In the editorial department, we also received a variety of health care products for testing.

After the all-night explosion of the Apple conference, we decided to turn them out for trial.

For example, the vibration of the motor is used to relieve the neck pillow of the shoulder and neck muscles.

With Ge You lying in the office chair, if the neck can fit an ergonomic neck pillow, it should be a little more comfortable.

Although with motor vibration, it is actually the principle of plugging and relaxing muscles.

There are also massage sticks that use high-pressure pulse waves to stimulate muscles.

When I took this kind of product apart and wanted to grab a colleague in the editorial department to try it out, I found that 5-6 people came around and said that I wanted to try it.

Have to feel that muscle fatigue, cervical strain is really a standard for modern people.

This low-cost massage product has a variety of modes such as massage, kneading, squeezing, and sniping, and can adjust different “strength”.

In order to be safe, we tried it on the arm. The sister who used the product rarely used it, and tried a relatively slight degree. She felt that it was really strange to feel that something was pressing my hand.

There is no very comfortable feeling, and the feeling of using a common hand massage is very different.

A man who seems to be more tolerant has tried a higher degree of massage.

After the product started working, we saw his horrified expression on the body, and then couldn’t speak. He could only put the device on the hurry. His feeling was: When using it, he felt the whole hand froze out of control, so terrible.
After ten minutes of taking it, my hand was still shaking and I couldn’t type it properly.

The electric pulse stimulates the sensory, motor nerve by releasing the current. This electric pulse signal number may enhance or weaken the activity of the nervous system to achieve the purpose of controlling the muscle.

The principle of electric pulse therapy, in addition to use in hospital physiotherapy, has also been applied to too many “smart treatment instruments”, becoming a tool for personal treatment and health care.

But at the same time, some people exaggerated and distorted the effect, becoming a tool for deception.

The patch-type therapeutic device we have tried, also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS-transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), mainly places the electrode sheet at or near the body pain, and the specific epoxy resin is passed through the skin.Pulse current is input into the body, changing or interfering with pain signals reaching the brain.

The industry’s assessment is that “this pulse is usually limited in function but relatively inexpensive.”

To my surprise, several colleagues said that they all have different types of massage instruments, but the effect varies from person to person.▲The picture comes from the Internet. In the past two years, the caller knocked down the gym and also took the name of “Technology Fitness” and offered high membership fees to recruit members.

This type of exercise requires wearing a specific outfit and wearing a vest and strap with a shock.

This operation, which is also applicable to the principle of electric pulse, is also called Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), mainly to enhance muscle strength, circumference and endurance, and to partially accelerate muscle recovery.

The beauty instrument is not the same as the girls who use the night and night, in addition to good sleep and fitness, the girls may inevitably use a variety of beauty equipment.

As a certain media said, “Twenty girls are afraid of being old, and they all regard beauty instruments as treasures.”

▲Refa beauty instrument.

The pictures come from the network of early facial cleansers, to the popular micro-current, radio frequency waves, ultrasound and LED light.

These products have become the tools for the daily maintenance of many female users in China under the advocacy of the net red bloggers.

In essence, the number of male users holding beauty instruments is also increasing.

Professor Ye Xingdong, deputy director of dermatology prevention in Guangzhou, once said that these beauty instruments are only health care equipment. Home beauty equipment can not meet the standards of medical beauty equipment: from the current beauty equipment in the market, it is actually a hospital or beauty salon.There are three main types of portable products for large equipment, one is physical, the other is optoelectronic equipment, and the other is photothermal equipment.

In July of this year, Japan’s high-end beauty instrument brand ReFa parent company MTG has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with a market value of about 284 billion yen (about 17 billion yuan).

This company can be listed, and the Chinese Handcuffs are absolutely indispensable.

In 2016, MGT entered Tmall International. In the first quarter of 2017, ReFa’s performance in China increased by 1600%.

China has become their most important market.

▲SIXPAD advertising In 2015, MTG has not launched the abdominal fitness brand SIXPAD, which is to use EMS current to stimulate human muscles, known as “A4 waist repairer”, “vest mermaid line shaper”.

I have to say that this company understands both girls and men.

Whether it is really useful or not, this is not known.

All in all, in the face of these health and beauty products with the name of “technology”, I hope that everyone will remain rational and scientific.

The tool is still auxiliary.

If you don’t change your work and living habits, just want to spend money to buy pulse current equipment to change your physical condition, or use various products to maintain your aging value, this behavior is no different from paying IQ tax.