[Contraindications of Cuttle Pork Ribs Soup]_ Cuttle Pork Ribs Soup _ Diet Taboos _ Food Taboos

[Contraindications of Cuttle Pork Ribs Soup]_ Cuttle Pork Ribs Soup _ Diet Taboos _ Food Taboos

Speaking of cuttlefish rib soup, I believe everyone knows that this is a nourishing soup, which is good for men, women, and children, especially for menstruation, pregnancy, production and breastfeeding., Tocopherol, lactation and other effects, but all the appropriate conditions are that you can bear that weird taste and smell, like durian, are good things but not everyone loves.

Today I will tell you about the taboos and practices of cuttlefish rib soup.

Cuttlefish’s scientific name is “squid”, which is a marine mollusk.

Dried cuttlefish is an oval flat sheet, dark brown, with hoar frost, and a white fish bone in the middle.

There are five pairs of wrists at the front of the head, four of which are shorter than the carcass, and the other one is quite long, which is called the contact wrist.

Cuttlefish is made by processing fresh squid.

The processing method is similar to the squid processing method, but before removing the internal organs, the ink sac must be removed and turned into an eyeball, and then the dirt and ink inside and outside the fish are washed with water.

Nutritional value: Dried cuttlefish is rich in protein, a small amount, inorganic salts, impurities and other substances. In addition, it has a delicious taste. It has been recorded as eaten by cuttlefish as far back as the Tang Dynasty. It is a favorite dish of people.

Note: Due to the cold nature of seafood, dry cuttlefish is no exception. It is not suitable for people with cold physiques or poor stomachs to use it as a soup, so it is best to soak dried cuttlefish before cookingFry for a few minutes, remove the coldness, and then go for soup.

Dried cuttlefish with squid bone, also called conch tincture, is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Don’t throw it. It can also be used for soup.

Cuttlefish and eggplant: the same food is likely to cause cholera. Drinking cuttlefish, it is best not to eat eggplant at the same time.

Cuttlefish rib soup practice: 1. Dried cuttlefish is first soaked in cold water. If it is hot, it is best to change the water in the middle. The ribs are repeatedly washed to remove blood and chopped into pieces. Ginger is cut into slices.

2, soaked cuttlefish to remove the film and bone, obliquely cut into pieces.

3, prepare a large bowl, put ribs cuttlefish, add salt and rice wine before mixing.

4. Then add ginger, tempeh and add half a bowl of water.

(Too much water, the soup is not fresh) 5. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap (bowls with bowl lids are more hygienic and safe).

6. Fill the rice cooker with an appropriate amount of water and insert the electricity, put it into the steam rack, place the bowl on the steam rack, cover the rice cooker, and start to cook until the soup is cooked.