2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Red and Blue Grouping List: Wu Yifan Pierce PK Allen Jiang Jinfu_1

2017 Super Penguin Basketball Masters Red and Blue Group List: Wu Yifan Pierce PK Allen Jiang Jinfu
The long-awaited annual event of sports and entertainment will return. On September 10, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the second season of the Red and Blue Wars-2017 Super Penguin Basketball Masters will be grandly staged.This celebrity tournament continues the first cool match-up mode, stylistic superstars join hands to perform, and the red and blue battles ignite the arena.Celebrity match group announced: Pierce and Wu Yifan led the star red team, Ray Allen and Jiang Jinfu led the star blue team.Of course, there are more mysterious big coffee, special guests waiting to be announced, more than 20 stylistic superstars will shine in the Super Penguin Basketball Masters!Roulette draw!Pierce teamed up with Wu Yifan Lei Allen and Jiang Jinfu in the 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Red and Blue Warfare Season 2-2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game group draw, mixed stylistic stars, famous actors Dapeng and Qiao Shan as guests in this group, andTencent anchor Xiao Nan cooperated to announce the star ranking of the red and blue teams in this celebrity match.  Red means love, passionate love, never shrink back.Red, a symbol of blood, power, and life, is the warmest hue, a symbol of enthusiasm and unrestrainedness, and it is also the color that gives the most excitement and passion.In the celebrity competition, it symbolizes the toughest play, the most popular style, the most boiling declaration.  Blue represents calm and calm, charming style.Blue, symbolizing the sky, ocean, and wisdom, is the coldest hue, symbolizing calmness and calmness, and also the most thought-provoking and quiet color.In the celebrity competition, it symbolizes the most calm big heart, tacit cooperation, the most keen insight, the most perfect control.  In this grouping, roulette is combined with random selection. The winner of each round of roulette decides to belong to the red and blue team selected as the star, and two players will be replaced in each round.Dapeng and Qiao Shan are both group guests and participating stars. They didn’t know which group they would be in before, which made this lottery more suspenseful.Through the roulette competition, Dapeng won the first round of selection opportunities. After taking a random chance, Zhang Zhehan preferred to be on the list and assigned to the red team.The second star Dapeng drew was Zhao Shuang, a female basketball star with both value and strength. Zhao Shuang joined the blue team.  In the second round of roulette, Qiao Shan won the right to choose and chose the fencing prince Dong Li to join the red team.In the second draw of the second round, Wang Jiaer was on the list. Coincidentally, Wang Jiaer was also a fencing player. Dapeng said with a smile: We are playing basketball with a group of people, or professional athletes.Not just can dunk.Wang Jiaer joined the blue team and fought with Dong Li in double fencing.  In the third round of drawing, Dapeng won the roulette to get the right to choose, and randomly selected Wang Yangming to join the red team.In the second round of the third round, Liu Shuailiang became a member of the blue team.In the first round of the fourth round, Meng was deducted and Jiang Jinfu was selected to join the blue team. In the second round, teacher Zhang Fengyi was selected, and Secretary Sha entered the blue team.  Qiao Shan won the fifth round of roulette. His first sign replaced the Chinese men’s basketball team Guo Ailun, who helped the red team.When the second round of computer selection in the fifth round, Dapeng stared at the screen and said: I want to know when Wu Yifan came out. It was Wu Yifan who was selected. Wu Yifan joined the red team, and Dapeng immediately stated: My contradictionThis is the case. Which team is Fanfan in, and I am in the team.  In the first round of the sixth round, Yuan Hong joined the blue team. In the second round, the basketball giant appeared. Ray Allen was called, and Dapeng shouted: The blue team.In the first round of the seventh round, Zhang Ningjiang became a member of the blue team. In the second round, the NBA super giant appeared again. When Pierce appeared on the screen, Dapeng was shocked. He assigned Pierce to the red team and formed a confrontation with Ray Allen. Previous1234Next