Smoked belly button to lose weight

Smoked belly button to lose weight

The artist’s recent treatment of smoked navel weight loss can be described as a rush. In the end, the so-called Chinese medicine recipe’s smoked navel weight loss method will cause an alternative to the body?

  Zhuo Zibin, a physician at the Hanfang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Taipei, believes that acupuncture weight loss is a medical treatment that every Chinese medicine practitioner knows. One of the general weight loss points is a water hole on the navel, and the ear acupuncture point of the ear is also a weight loss acupuncture point.

Taking smoked navel to lose weight, it should be aimed at acupuncture and moxibustion near the weight loss point, stimulate the acupuncture points, and achieve weight loss.

  Recently, Chinese medicine practitioners have emphasized the introduction of “Chuantang Huichun San” from China, and then adopting the smoked navel method to smoke these specially formulated Chinese medicine formulas into the body with wormwood to improve physical fitness, weight loss, tight muscles, and gas lifting.The effect.

  Zhuo Zibin said that in the orthodox Chinese medical law, he personally has not heard of this kind of therapy. Whether it is effective or not, since the person who has treated it feels effective, he cannot criticize it.

  However, Dr. Zhuo believes that if the average person wants to take the risk of picking up the navel therapy to achieve weight loss, he must first check his body: those who have colds, inflammation, menstrual pain, high blood pressure, etc.Acupuncture treatment.

In addition, in the moxibustion treatment of wormwood, such as the phenomenon of drowsiness, this person who will fainting should also stop treatment immediately.

  The “Chuantang Huichun San” proposed the treatment procedure picking cycle, the time of each treatment procedure is different, it is called to cooperate with the blood and blood, so it is easier to improve the individual’s physical condition. For this statement, Zhuo Zibin believes that Chinese medicine practitionersIt is true that there are different sayings that different blood and blood points are different, especially at noon time. Chinese medicine practitioners know that it is not appropriate to treat the disease at this time.

However, Dr. Zhuo believes that in normal time, as long as the needle position is correct, the needle can achieve the therapeutic effect at any time.

  For the recent weight-loss method of this smoked navel, Zhuo Zibin believes that if the body is very healthy, it is the best treatment to use the normal way to eat health, moderate exercise and other normal ways to lose weight.