Will the running calf become thicker?

Will the running calf become thicker?

In fact, our general jogging is aerobic exercise, which can achieve the effect of consumption, burning sputum, and exercising heart and lung function.

Some people worry that running the calf will become thicker. The reason for this worry is: First, the landing technique is not good, and the illusion is generated.

  Some people run on the toes, so that the calf will be tired and have a tight feeling, feeling that the calf is “grow up.”

In fact, this is just an illusion.

The basic form of human beings is born, and the shape of the legs is also that it will not become thicker because of several running calves.

In aerobic strength training, the cone dumbbell exercise, barbell exercise, muscle expansion rate will not exceed 20%.

  Therefore, in daily running, the calf is even thicker and will not exceed this ratio, and this ratio is almost invisible.

  Second, the runner thinks that the running has burned, so he can eat more, thus gaining weight and thickening the calf.

This has nothing to do with running itself.

  · Can a certain kind of exercise cause the calf to become thicker?

  Strength training may be like this, weight-bearing, lifting movements can make the calf grow muscles, some kind of man bodybuilding.

The muscles on the calves are harder to practice, so daily exercise does not generally cause the calves to become thicker.

  How to eliminate this kind of worry and prejudice?

  First, pay attention to the running posture.

  The correct running posture should be from the heel to the forefoot.

  Second, relax after running.

  Fracture, relax the calf, lick and stretch.

  Third, pay attention to running time and speed.

  The average aerobic exercise time is 20 to 60 minutes, which can cause muscle fatigue and joint wear.

Speed can not be too fast, the heart rate range of aerobic exercise is controlled within: (220-age) × (60% – 80%).

For example, a 20-year-old man has a heart rate range of 120 to 160 beats per minute for aerobic exercise.

姨 will stop decomposition in the anaerobic state, outside the above range of heart rate, 姨 will not burn, the effect of motion can not be guaranteed.